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Rush FM FC is the most competitive Cameroon Rush Soccer club. The club plays in the prestigious NW Regional Division Il football Championship and the Cup of Cameroon. The Club has now established itself as one of the main clubs of the NW Regional Division Il football Championship. At the end of every football season in Cameroon, there is an effort by Rush Soccer USA to assist the best players of Rush FM FC Bamenda to travel to the USA to attend University or Professional Soccer. In 2021, three players of Rush FM FC Bamenda, namely Captain Levert Achu, Boris Tekwe alias Berlin Wall and Kingsley Timbong all left for the United States. Before them, the first ever Technical Director of Cameroon Rush Soccer, Mr. David Folabit alias Folabo and 3 other Cameroon Rush Soccer Coaches had travelled to the USA. Coach Folabo now lives in Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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