Indomitable Lionesses fail again
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Indomitable Lionesses fail again
By Mangek Promise

The Indomitable Lionesses of Cameroon were yesterday defeated by the Eagles of Nigeria as they plied their quest for a qualification ticket for the Olympic games.

The defeat added to the woes of the Cameroon national teams who have had it difficult to sail through in major competitions.

In the first leg in Douala, the Lionesses managed a draw against Nigeria but were effortless last Monday 26th as they fell prey.

The Indomitable Lionesses had earlier on been eliminated from AFCON 2024 by Kenya who postponed their hopes of getting a smile. They were equally eliminated from the 2023 Women's World Cup preview to be a tragedy of miscalculations.

The defeat against Nigeria means Jean Baptiste Bisseck has gone six games as head coach of the Indomitable Lionesses winning only two with three draws and a defeat.

The Lionesses have managed to score four goals in the campaign under Bisseck conceding five.