President NKWAIN Valentine and Victoria United withdraw from football ?
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President NKWAIN Valentine and Victoria United withdraw from football ?

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The question on the lips of all football lovers after the Limbe based club failed to show up at the Centenary stadium to honor their fixture against visiting Apejes de Mfou. The scenario becomes more confusing as Victoria United turned up for the prematch technical meeting indicating their availability.


Fans reacted angrily and dissatisfied after paying tickets to watch the game and facing a scenario similar to that of turning up at the cinema to be disappointed by blackouts.


Does this follow Victoria United’s claims that the men in black are against them?


Another telling question unanswered for fans have termed such claims as the law of karma in effect. Victoria United has played 4games winning just one and losing 3. They raised claims after their loss to Coton Sport in Garoua of being cheated by the officials displaying videos of controversial decisions on their social media platforms.


Again, at the Bamendzi midweek they even staged a walk out after being sanctioned with two penalties against Fovu that saw them bottle an early lead. They claimed these decisions were all controversial and emphasized these controversial refereeing decisions were unfair to them.


Today ahead of their game against Apejes, President NKWAIN took to their Facebook official page with a a coded message.


" I am not in football for any gain or to seek for position from the Cameroon Football Federation or the Government. I am in football because of my passion and love for the game"


Their failure to turn up for the game has now left fans and pundits in wonder as to why would a team with such a passionate President and a modern project fail to report to duty. There has been no official statement from the club or President as to why they didn’t show up for the Apejes clash. Some sources have hinted of a special meeting in the days ahead to decide the fate of the club with a possible withdrawal on the table.


“We love the new Victoria United project and this act of not showing up when we all came out to watch them has left us in disappointment” commented a fan on a Facebook post.