FECAFOOT hands life ban to club president
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FECAFOOT hands life ban to club president

By Mangek Promise


The Ethics Commission of Fecafoot has banned Unisport president, Donald Ngameni from all football related activities in Cameroon for life. He is accused of defrauding Jean Paul Makasso.


The Ethics committee of FECAFOOT accused him of Guilty of breach of the rules of general conduct and corruption respectively provided for in articles 13 paragraph 1 and 3 and 21 paragraph 1 of the fecafoot code of ethics. Ngameni is also expected to pay a fine of 10, 000, 000FCFA.


Earlier in August, voice notes circulated on social media indicating that Donald Ngameni had promised to secure a place in the National Team for Jean Paul Makasso, a Cameroonian who plays for a second Division team in Luxembourg, in exchange for money.


Corruption is punishable by FIFA, CAF and the penal code of Cameroon.


While there is a corrupter and a corruptee, both parties are liable to punishment if confirmed guilty and convicted by a judge.


Article 27 of the FECAFOOT code of ethics punishes fraudulent persons with a fine of 10millions and at least 2 years of suspension. FIFA makes it stricter, punishing corrupt persons with a fine of 68 millions and at least 5years ban from football activities.


The Cameroon penal code even provides possibilities of imprisonment. While the case was on the tables of the ethics commission, Ngameni was asked his side of the story and he had this to tell the press "Even if I am suspended, I will be happy that I am the one who made the truth known to Cameroonians. I am the one who made Cameroonians to know what people know but don't want to talk."


Donald Ngameni was elected president of Unisport of Bafang on September 3th 2022. Despite his young age, he was not afraid to take a stand and defend his convictions. He fiercely opposed to the management of Fecafoot by Samuel Eto'o, an icon of Cameroonian football.


Ngameni believes that Fecafoot needs a new leadership and had called for Eto'o's resignation on several occasions. There had been serious hit at the helm of Unisport's management lately with two presidents acting at one point. Ngameni's ban is now a free ticket for Alain Monthe to take over command as Club president without hindrance.


Fecafoot boss, Samuel Eto'o had earlier on received in audience Alain Monthe in the capacity of President while at a similar period, Ngameni appointed a new head coach of the team.