Didemus Returns to Football in a Different Role
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Didemus Returns to Football in a Different Role

Mangek Promise


Elite two side Rangers of Bafut have announced Didemus Shynsa as their goalkeeper coach for the up coming season.


The announcement was made on Thursday 10th August at the Club's head quarter in Bamenda. This brings back the former Aigle Royal Menoua and PWD Bamenda goalkeeper to football three years since he won the championship for the Abakwa Boys.


Didemus had been out of action since then and has now considered a managerial role that could give him a venture to excel. Didemus has featured for many clubs across the country including the likes of St Paul's Warriors, Cosmos Bafia, Bang Bullet Nkambe, Aigle Royal Menoua and PWD Bamenda.


The other positions indicated that Coach Nguepkep Sylvanos Clerc has taken the command as the head coach of the team. While signing his papers at the club's head office in Bamenda, he said he came to Bamenda to win and not for a relaxation mission.e He has a mission to take the team to Elite One.


Tabod Tachick was handed the staff of command as the Physical trainer of the team. He will also be the lead trainer of the under-17 team.


Souffo Jacke is the new assistant coach in charge of the under-15 team and the female team.


All these fresh blood into the team were received and installed by the acting President, Che Eugene Bashia.