Interpools 2023: ISOHSA emerge Champions in fine display
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Interpools 2023: ISOHSA emerge Champions in fine display

By Mangek Promise


Isles of Hope Academy ISOHSA of Limbe have defeated Bafmeng United 2#0 in an all anglophone final of the 2023 interpools in Yaounde. Both sides came into the game with some laxity that could be justified by their already qualified status. It was however ISOHSA Football Club of Limbe that mounted greater pressure first.


In a beautiful combination, venerated Albert Tiku Egbe found Dieudonné Onege but the finish was parried out for a corner by goalkeeper Ngam Leonard.


A 27 minute collision between Bengal Parker Veranso of Bafmeng and Brandon Babo didn't sound good for the Northwest side as Coach Soh Simplis replaced the injured Bengal Parker with Anagho Eugene.


Bafmeng United came close to scoring when Enah Ashu slammed a beautiful pass towards Ahudu Lukong but his shot went wide for a goal kick. Bafmeng again had an opportunity to smile first but debutant Ezikiel Komando had his shot blocked by goalkeeper Ashu Kelvin of ISOHSA.


In stoppage time, Ngam Leonard wrongly  timed and missed the ball as ISOHSA was in a lane to go smoothly but Godson Hamlet was swift to maintain BUFA in the game before half time.


Half Time


ISOHSA 0#0 Bafmeng


Upon recess, both sides displayed versertile dexterity of football characterised by a rebost man to man passes and shots on target.


Albert Tiku reacted quickly on the loose ball to take Ngam Leonard by surprise putting the Limbe based side on a lead of 1#0.


It didn't take long for ISOHSA to increase tally through Brandon Babo who played beautifully with Dieudonné Onege dribbling across Anagho Eugene to put ISOHSA on a comfortable lead of 2#0.


Soh Simplis opted for fresh legs as he introduced Sone Epanlo and Genesis Mofor in place of Ezikiel Komando and Anagho Eugene. Epanlo played a beautiful pass towards Milton Ngeh but the header was wide.


Both teams exhausted their substitutions but nothing was forthcoming to change the scores. At added time, Bafmeng were looking visibly tired and walking on banana peals.


Full Time


ISOHSA 2#0 Bafmeng


 The victory means ISOHSA have emerged champions of 2023 Interpools in their first year of qualification since création in 2015.