Interpools 2023:  Line Up Completed
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Interpools 2023:  Line Up Completed

By Darrion Abongwa 


The line up for the 2023 round robbing tournament popularly called the interpools, to qualify teams to the Elite two Championship  for the 2023/2024 football season is  now complete. All 10 regional leagues decided their champions in the final playoff over the weekend and within this week.


The competition that reverts to the two pool format of five teams each kicks off on July 15 to end on July 30, 2023. At the end, the two pool winners will automatically qualify for the national Elite One Championship. Last season, Victoria United and Aigle of Mungo were the two teams promoted to the Elite two from the regional league.


How they qualified


Adamawa Region – Ngaoundere FC will represent the Adamawa region. Ngaundere FC beat Olympique of Meiganga on Sunday July 2, 2023 by a goal to nil to book their ticket for Yaoundé.


Far North Region: Sporting FC of Maroua imposed a 1-0 victory over Icefom to become champions of the North region. Sporting FC carries the shoulders of the region without an elite team and will hope Yaoundé 2023 is the year to fulfill that dream.


South Region: Olympique Biwong Bane was the first team to book a ticket for Yaounde 2023. They beat Kona Sports of Sangmelima by 3-2. The ambitious team from the South will also feature as a debutante.


West Region: Volcan of Noun after eliminating the highly fancied Stade Bandjoun in the semi-finals made it certain they will be the West regional representative at this year’s interpool. They beat Riziere FC also from the Noun division in the final on Sunday July 9 at the Bamendzi Stadium in Bafoussam.


Northwest Region: Bafmeng United defied the odds to eliminate Bang Bullet of Nkambe by 2-1 on the final day of the league on July 9, 2023. The result meant Bafmeng will represent the Northwest in Yaoundé as one of the debutants.


Centre Region: the formidable Academie Nyom II beat Afrika Sports Academy  to the title on Sunday July 9, 2023. Academie Nyom II will now carry the flag of the Centre region that lost four elite one teams this season and is desperate to regain the lost momentum. Academie Nyom will feature as a debutante.


South West region: The finals was an affair between Fako and Meme divisions. Kumba City FC who eliminated Njalla Quand Academy under very doubtful circumstances lost to ISOHSA, 8th finalist of the Cup of Cameroon,  on Sunday 9th July by a single goal to zero. ISOHSA will be attempting this competition for the first time.


Littoral Region:  AS Nylon failed to make the cut for Yaoundé 2023 when they lost to Pouma FC on Saturday July 8 by 0-2 goals. Pouma FC will hope to follow the footsteps of Aigle of the Moungo that qualified last season as runners up to Victoria United


East region: Union Sportive of Abong Bang beat Dream Olympic FC 3-0 in the East regional final on Tuesday 11 July to complete the list of teams for the 2023 interpools.


North region: Krimi FC beat Buffle Noir 2-1 in the semis before ended the hopes of Esperance of Guider 2-0 in the finals on Sunday July 9, 2023. Krimi FC will be one of the debutants in the competition.  


So far the composition of the two pools look as follows;


Group A

  • Union Sportive of Abong Bang (East)
  • ISOHSA (South West)
  • Volcan FC of Noun (West)
  • Academie Nyom II (Centre)
  • Sporting FC of Maroua (Far North)


  Group B

  • Bafmeng United (North West)
  • Krimi FC (North)
  • Ngaoundere FC (Adamaoua)
  • Pouma FC (Littoral)
  • Olympique Biwong Bane(South)