West Region Set For Mini Interpools
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West Region Set For Mini Interpools

By Darrion Abongwa  


The West regional Second Divisional League (WDII) will enter the decisive mini-interpool stage this week after the top two sides from the four pools qualified for the next phase.


The next phase will be dorminated by teams from the Noun division with four of the eight teams coming from the same division, and two teams from Dschang in the Menoua Division.


A strong contender for the regional championship is Cup of Cameroon quarter finalist, Stade Bandjoun. They emerged first from Pool D, and are hoping to regain elite status after several years in the regional league. 


The teams qualified are;

Poule A

1-Renaissance du Noun

2-Riziere du Noun


Poule B

1-Ngv de Dschang

2-As polyteck de Bansoa


Poule C

1-Federal du Noun

2-As menoua de Dschang


Poule D

1-Stade de Bandjoun

2-Volcan du Noun


A preparatory meeting with all the qualified clubs holds this morning at the West Regional Fecafoot office at 10 am. The teams have been advised to furnish the league with the list of all eligible players.