Oumarou Sokba Steps Down as Union’s Gaffer
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Oumarou Sokba Steps Down as Union’s Gaffer

By Tony Fabrice


Former UMS, Djiko FC, Apejes and Fauve Azur trainer Herman Oumarou Sokba has resigned as lead trainer of Douala based club Union Sportive of Douala. His resignation centres around insecurity and poor results recorded with the club.


“I Oumarou Sokba Herman write to inform you of my resignation from the role of the head coach of Union Sportive of Douala due to security, sporting viz; that's non-qualification for the title playoff. Mr president accept my gratitude and I wish the club the best in future; Sokba wrote.


Since taking over the club as gaffer the 2022-2023 football season has not been the best for him. His decision was influenced by a 1#1 draw against struggling AS Fortuna side at home which fans booed at him as they anticipated more. In 17 games for this season he has backed home five victories, eight draws and four defeats earning him 23 points. Nasara Gamakai managed to score 16 goals conceding 14.