Cameroon Rush Cup 2023
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Cameroon Rush Cup 2023

The first edition of the Cameroon Rush Cup will take place in Bamenda this year at the end of the first round of the 2023 NW Regional Dll Football championship which will soon get underway in Bamenda.



The match will be played between two Cameroon Rush Soccer clubs, Rush FM FC Bamenda and Sopocam Rush FC Bamenda. Both clubs are affiliated with the Cameroon Football Federation and are regulars in the rugged NW Regional Dll Football Championship.


Winners will take home 150,000 frs (Eto'o Fils Prize) and the losers will contend themselves with 50,000 frs. There will be other prizes for the highest Rush goal scorer of the season , the Pa Boyo prize), the Nji Sunday prize for best Rush midfielder, the late Ben Bola Man of the Match prize during the finals, and the Joseph Agwa prize for the best goalkeeper. The Sopo Ngwa prize will go to the youngest Cameroon Rush player.


Rush Soccer, with head office in New York, is the Largest Youth Soccer Club in the World with clubs in 6 continents and over 50 countries. Cameroon Rush Soccer is currently represented in the USA by Coach Folabo and three players: Levert Achu, Boris Tekwe and Berlin Wall Kingsley Kimbeng.