2023 NWRL: Juicy innovations echoed
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2023 NWRL: Juicy innovations echoed
By Tony Fabrice

Ahead of the 2022/2023 North West regional league, some mouth watering innovations have been made which will see a better championship for both clubs and players.

As stipulated by the Secretary General FECAFOOT North West Ndi Tsembom Elvis during the Annual General Assembly of the institution held Friday 24, 2022 at the Bamenda I Council Hall, the championship shall be very competitive.

Top matches on every Matchday in various pools shall be programmed at the University of Bambili stadium in order to allow players exercise their talents while getting themselves ready for Elite championship. Man of the Match award shall be handed to the best player every match day.

For about two seasons, Yellow and Red cards awarded to each team which were not paid shall henceforth be paid for. Yellow cards will cost the teams 2000 frs and Red cards 4000 frs. To respect FECAFOOT statues and put order in the game, teams which shall be 15 minutes late for a game shall loose the game by forfeiture. Player’s outfits shall also be strictly monitored.


In terms of pitches, two stadia have been provided by The University of Bambili, GS Nibung, St Peters field Bambui, PS Bujong, CS Futru and others. On match days whereby Elite referees from the region are not programmed to handle Elite games, they shall be used to solve the problem of limited referees in the championship.


The federation is seeking for Sponsorship and partnership deals to support participating clubs coupled with the subventions from the National Federation. This is to better the championship.